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Plexiglass Shields Inland Commercial Casework Spokane

Providing Custom Plexiglass Shields in Spokane And Coeur D’Alene

Inland Commercial Casework is your local resource for any size or style of plexiglass shield for your office, business or workspace.

Even though plexiglass shields and sneeze guards aren’t the only thing that need to be done in person-to-person business environments, they are a good step in offering protection from someone who could potentially have COVID-19 or any germs.

You may have already taken great measures and precautions to steralize and re-organize your workspace in order to provide new layers of protection but the addition of plexiglass shields can provide another barrier.

Plexiglass shields are being installed between customers and employees in many grocery stores, pharmacies, and retail stores where the public and people approach spaces that create easy exposure. Plexiglass shields can stop airborne droplets possibly containing viruses and block them from hitting the person on the other side.

The importance of professionally designed and installed plexiglass shields

We have seen many retail stores and offices rush to find solutions for creating a person-to-person barrier that can protect from airborne viruses. In some cases, the rapid deployment of these sneeze guards has also meant that asthetics and 100% functionality has been compromised in the process. You may find that your customers and clients are looking under, over or around your plexiglass shields and because of this, the protective elements of the shields is less than it can be.

Inland Commercial Casework Spokane offers both rapid deployment, generic solutions for plexiglass shields and sneeze guards, along with complete, custom solutions for your customer counters, desktops, drive-through windows and any step-up areas where people want that extra layer of protection.

We ensure that our custom plexiglass shield solutions are designed to fit your unique space and properly installed to offer the most common sense approach to sneeze guard protection.

We custom design, manufacture and install plexiglass shields for any situation:

  • Churches & Clubs
  • School Offices & Classrooms
  • Grocery Stores
  • Pharmacies
  • Hospitals & Hospital Reception Desks
  • Dental Offices
  • Office & Employee Workspaces
  • Restaurants, Coffee Shops & Bars

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Because we are local to Spokane we can offer personal input and support on your project. We are also able to offer an assesment of your office, store or workspace environment to include other ways you may be able to improve on protecting your employees and customers from the spread of viruses and other airborne illnesses.

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Inland Commercial Casework is your Pacific Northwest professional custom casework manufacturer. We specialize in quality custom casework, millwork and fixtures for the medical, retail and office industries. Our work can be found in hospitals, medical buildings, military bases, educational institutions and retail stores throughout Washington, Oregon and Idaho.