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Custom Closets Done Locally And Done Right

Have you tried to book an appointment for your custom closet installation, only to find that the shop you called isn’t booking dates or that available dates are so far out that it’s making it impossible to plan your project? While Inland Commercial Casework can’t control material shortages, we can control communication about all aspects of your custom closet project.

Inland Commercial Casework sources materials from all over the US and Canada, opening up numerous channels for product acquisition. We will communicate with you every step of the way. We know that you have an eye for detail, and that you want a custom closet that fits your needs exactly. You will get your custom closet, done right the first time, with all the quality and detail you’d expect from a custom closet design and installation.

Inland Commercial Casework is an experienced commercial cabinet production shop in business for 15 years.

Custom Closets Spokane


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What To Expect

We offer, one-time in-home consultations for a nominal fee* in the Greater Spokane and CDA** areas to discuss your custom closet project, take measurements, and provide an estimate.

*consultation fees will be applied toward your project cost.

**additional fees may apply for locations greater than 20 miles from Spokane.

Additionally, here is a list of more great things you can expect:

Custom Estimate

Optional In-Home Consultation: For a nominal fee*, an estimator will come to your home typically within a week. For client safety, all estimators come in groups of 2. Our one-time consultation includes measurements and discussing project specifics. If you already have designs or features of a closet that you like, it will help give us direction.

*Applicable fees will be credited toward the cost of your project.

You-Send-It:¬†Send us your closet measurements and specifications, and we’ll put together an estimate for your custom closet project. Some fees may apply*.

*Applicable fees will be credited toward the cost of your project.

IMPORTANT: Please be aware that certain specialty and customization requests may take longer to quote due to product sourcing.

Budget Conscious
We will discuss price ranges for master custom closet systems with higher end materials like plastic laminate versus budget conscious options like Melamine products. This allows you to make decisions that reflect the outcome that is most important to you.

The Bells and Whistles for Your Custom Closet
Inland Commercial Caseworks can supply all of your custom closet needs. We can keep it simple with shelves and rods or create a spectacular system that includes slide-out drawers, tilt-outs, tie and belt storage, purse and shoe storage, and valet rods.

Project Completion
Custom closet projects are typically completed within 4 weeks, sometimes less depending on the scale or customization of the closet. While completion of your project is dependent on materials availability, we are committed to clear and open communication so that you know exactly what to expect.

Our Crews Are Inland Commercial Casework Employees

Custom Closet Custom Cabinets Spokane

Our Work Crews Are ICC Employees
At Inland Commercial Casework, we believe that your personal safety is of utmost importance. We want you to feel confident when our crew is in your home. Our crew members are employees of ICC and have undergone extensive background checks. They are experienced, respectful, and are trained to keep the work area clean and safe. Crews utilize HEPA Negative Air-Scrubbers and HEPA Vacuums.

Custom Design Laundry Room Shelving Spokane

Custom Laundry Room Shelving

Don’t stop at custom closets! Did you know that in most homes there is valuable space being wasted in the laundry room? Think of the amount of stress that can be reduced in your every day life by finally taking advantage of that space. The laundry room will no longer be something you avoid. It can be a space that’s useful and practical.

Create space for folding and hanging clothes. Maximize the height in your laundry room with the installation of custom cabinets for storage.

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Endless Possibilites For Your Custom Closet System

Your home and closet has unique spaces and you have unique needs when it comes to storing clothing and accessories. Your closet can be as one-of-a-kind as you are! Inland Commercial Casework supplies closet items like clothing rods,  tilt-outs, pull-out closet baskets, tie and belt storage, and even pull-out mirrors!


509-924-2466 |

Custom Closets Spokane

Your Organizational Visions Brought To Life By Our Dream Team

  • Optional In-Home Consultation*
  • Budget Conscious
  • Quick Response Scheduling
  • All The Custom Closet Bells & Whistles

Call Inland Commercial Casework today at 509-924-2466 to schedule your consultation or email

*A nominal fee will be charged for locations greater than 20 miles from Spokane.

Inland Commercial Casework is your Pacific Northwest professional custom casework manufacturer. We specialize in quality custom casework, millwork and fixtures for the medical, retail and office industries. Our work can be found in hospitals, medical buildings, military bases, educational institutions and retail stores throughout Washington, Oregon and Idaho.