Plexiglas Shields – Sneeze Guards – Bio Hazard Shields

Plexiglass Shields, Sneeze Guards & Bio Hazard Shields

Inland Commercial Casework offers both generice rapid deployment or long-term solutions for COVID-19, CDC compliant plexiglass shields, sneeze guards and bio hazard shields.

We custom manufacture and install Plexiglas shields in Spokane and surrounding areas.


The Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) global pandemic has forced business owners and employers to reassess their approach to running business while keeping staff and customers safe.

It’s time to get back to work and you need to make sure that your business and workspace is safe for your employees, clients and customers and that the protection you’re implementing in your work-spaces is effective.

The CDC has offered guidance to preserve essential functions in business while minimizing risk of exposure in the workplace, schools, grocery stores and anywhere businesses are interacting with the public.

Inland Commercial Casework custom designs, manufactures and installs Plexiglas shields for desks, counter tops, point-of-sale, restaurant tables. We design and install Plexiglas sneeze guards in any type of workplace or workstation that requires face-to-face interaction with clients and customers.

Plexiglass Shields Inland Commercial Casework Spokane

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Inland Commercial Casework is your Pacific Northwest professional custom casework manufacturer. We specialize in quality custom casework, millwork and fixtures for the medical, retail and office industries. Our work can be found in hospitals, medical buildings, military bases, educational institutions and retail stores throughout Washington, Oregon and Idaho.